Monday, November 29, 2010

Confronting My Passive Aggressiveness and Apathy

11. 29. 2010, 10:37 PM

For those of you that know Jenn and I well, we have a heart for community. That is, one day we long to live communally with other believers, but until then we plan to live in our community as true neighbors in whatever ways we can. I question my ability to do either of these as a passive aggressive product of my generation’s apathetic attitude towards most things in this world. Galatians 2:11-16 shows Paul confronting Peter, because of Peter’s hypocrisy, with Paul’s driving force not being self-defense or selfishness, but rather in defense of the gospel (v. 14). I look at how many times I have crawled into a hole when facing conflict, instead of living out the gospel in my life by acting lovingly towards my brothers and sisters. If I am to be an agent of reconciliation, shouldn’t I be open to critique, even in my own life?
I recently was directed to a video from “The Skit Guys,” and while I am not usually one to promote Christian propaganda, this video was quite showing of how I (and many others) react to being molded by God or His chiseling away of our sins (check out video here: ). I often pray that God makes me into the man He wants me to be, but many times I don’t want to go through the pain that it causes. So, how does this connect to the idea of community and confrontation in that community? I am realizing that my method of taking the easy way out, by ignoring or avoiding, is not a gospel-centered way to deal with confrontation. Instead, just as Paul showed, I ought to confront sin with a proper motivation (in love) confidently (through faith), inviting relationship, and providing a way for reconciliation (grace and truth). Also, keeping in mind Jesus' Matthew 7:3, "speck of sawdust" analogy, I should be just as open to others confronting my own faults.
Lord, help me to be an agent of reconciliation in the conflicts throughout my life and more importantly to show your truth and grace in and through my every moment.

For His Kingdom’s sake,


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  1. Hmm thought provoking.

    I feel like I struggle on a daily basis to choose relationship over the power and rights that I think I'm entitled to. It sounds great to say turn the other cheek in reference to big issues but I question my ability to choose grace, mercy and humility when confronted with personal conflict.