Monday, March 28, 2011

A Life Well Lived.

I am in the process of reading Leroy Barber’s book, New Neighbor, and in one section a woman talks about how “this was the most well lived year of my life, so far…” Those words really struck a chord with me. What if instead of New Years resolutions we dedicated ourselves to living the most well lived year of our life? Obviously, the “how?” would look different for each one of us, but can you imagine saying to yourself, or community, year after year, “I want this year to be the most well lived year of my life”? What an amazing, even epic, statement this is!
So, what will you start doing, now, to make this the most well lived year of your life? I’m serious. If you’ve looked at my last blog, these two books have truly inspired my to live well, so if you are also feeling this way about your life I want to talk with you about living. Challenging each other, accountability, whatever word you want to attach to it, I’ll share with you the “how?” and vice versa. So, send me a facebook message and we’ll get started on this, today, together, knowing that not by our own strength can we live better lives, but through God’s strength and power in our lives.

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  1. You've inspired me to be more introspective in a positive way Zane:

    lets do this.
    -james p